Born in Bavaria Sektion Tanz startetd – like most DJs – at privat partys to fall in love with music. A ected by the Hip-Hop sounds from the USA, he tried to combine the two worlds. Soon after he

realized that the love for elektronic music was much stronger.

Electronic music wasn’t present in Bavaria at that time which made it quite hard to organise bigger partys or events.

Despite all obstacles the decission was made and the rst turntables were bought and the search for record shops begun in order to provide new music for the crowd.

Demotapes were distributed through the right people and soon after one oft he famous clubs – even far outside of Germany – knocked on the door: Club 1210.
Sektion Tanz played the aftershows for the biggest DJs of that time until sunrise.

Shortly after that he signed a contract with Technoeden Records, where he still partys with like there is no tomorrow.

Sektion Tanz was one of the resident DJs at the „Candy Club“ together with his Technoeden Records Crew.

In the later years he played several open air festivals and clubs. He also worked as a booker and suppor- ted the clubs ans festival in the background.

Sektion Tanz supported club WUNDERBAR behind the scenes and of course behind the turntables where he rocked the crowd with DJs like Animal Trainer, Ante Perry and Ekkohaus.

Following the WUNDERBAR he worked as booker and resdient DJ at surocks, another club Sektion Tanz supported the following years.

What’s the style of Sektion Tanz?
The answer can be found on the dance oor where the crowd is moving to the beats.

„Es wird getanzt, was auf die Teller kommt“. That’s the motto of Sektion Tanz. He combines House and Electro tunes with Samba or Afro sounds.

„I’m only satis ed when dance oor is crowded and I won’t leave before that!“